1. Do NOT try to manage nocturia by cutting back on liquid intake, which can lead to worsened conditions such as urinary tract infection (UTIs).
  2. Drink your normal amount of liquid but do so earlier in the day. You should not consume excessive amounts of liquids two hours before going to bed.
  3. It helps to avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine products, and carbonated drinks because they can increase urine output.
  4. Drink cranberry juice to prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections).
  5. Keep a diary of how much you drink, what you drink, and when. This may be helpful in identifying situations which may make the nocturia worse.
  6. Stay cool at night. Hot and humid environment will aggravate all symptoms, including urinary frequency.
  7. You may help prevent nocturia by reducing the risk factors that you can control.  It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions to treat and monitor the medical conditions that you may have, such as diabetes. 


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